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The digital future is decided at the customer interface. We help you with efficient and integrated solutions for your platform. Our customers are platform manufacturers and users from financial services, the insurance industry and the public sector. As a pioneer in platform integration, we make your business models and processes connectable - and thus fit for the future.

About IKOR

We are IKOR. That stands for ideas, concepts and realizations. For you, this means: All areas
from technology consulting to platform integration to software development are anchored in one company. With a focus on interface technologies, we help you meet your digitization challenges comprehensively and sustainably.
We digitize business models, automate end-to-end processes and develop future-proof system landscapes for customers in financial services, the insurance industry and public institutions. With our in-depth experience, we support you in cloud applications, software integration and AI technologies.

For more than 25 years - with more than 280 employees in Germany, Austria, Serbia, Poland and UK - we have been networking the participants of the digital economy and the interface economy across Europe. We see ourselves as pilots: with expertise and experience, we maneuver the big ships of the industry agilely and safely to their destination. IKOR's customers include Barmenia, Basler, Generali, IB.SH, IFB, ISB, NBank, Signal-Iduna, VHV, WIBank and Zurich Group Germany. IKOR is SAP Gold Partner, Consulting Partner of Guidewire Software as well as a member of the DSAG and Versicherungsforen Leipzig.

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SAP Gold Partner, Consulting Partner of Guidewire Software as well as a member of DSAG and
Versicherungsforen Leipzig.

IKOR – ideas, concepts and realizations

This is what IKOR stands for

Three words, condensed as an acronym in the company name, and one sentence define our corporate purpose, our DNA: "Together we create real values for the future - through new ideas, concepts and realizations." With this guiding principle as the basis for joint work between customers and employees, IKOR has become the successful company of today. As an established European consulting company and a platform integrator and software manufacturer, we understand the processes that make your company successful and continuously develop them further. We tinker with the right ideas, develop sustainable concepts and offer efficient realizations for complex problems. We continuously evaluate results and measure them against reality, because: Only proven excellence leads to real project success.
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Pioneer for platform integration

IKOR Strategy

We help platform manufacturers and users to occupy the digital interface of their customers: As a pioneer in platform integration, we develop and design future-proof and connectable business models and processes for you. Companies are already managing their IT differently as part of the digital transformation, developing their own digital business models with high unique selling proposition potential and moving data and applications to the cloud. The platform economy will radically change companies´ value creation and unleash enormous innovation potential. We understand new topics, trends and technologies enabling us to develop functional solutions for challenges that platform providers and users have to face today and in the future.
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Footbridge in blue sea
Platforms connect different customer groups in almost all industries. Wherever customer interactions and transactions take place, interfaces to banks, third-party providers, aggregators, partners, tax advisors and accountancies are required. At these connection points lies the potential for increased efficiency, new services and business models. We help you system-agnostically populate these digital interfaces to your customers – with our ideas, concepts and realizations.

Form follows function

IKOR's organizational structure is intelligent and adaptive. For IKOR, strategic work means structural work. By transforming our organization, we enable the achievement of our ambitions.

Our market offers

Docks are anchor points in the industrial port and that is exactly how our services and market offers are organized. Specific market offers are provided in each of our docks. Each offer consists of different services, each of which is handled by a crew. In this way, we guarantee your project an agile organization: depending on which services you need, you run to the appropriate dock with us.

- Solutions

Market offers

All services from IKOR
- SAP technology for insurance companies
- Guidewire technology and integration expertise
- End-to-end funding processes at the local, state, federal and European levels
- SAP-Add-ons for finance and tax department
- Application Lifecycle Management: Support and development of SAP systems
- Digital Experience - End-to-End Portal Solutions
- Project Management Excellence: Project and Test Management
- Nearshore Center Technology and Development (Java, SAP)

Learn about our different docks and get an overview of our range of services.

Our culture, our values


Transparency & close Cooperation

We put the common goal in the foreground and work hand in hand – both internally and externally. We justify our actions in a coherent and comprehensible manner. We ask for feedback and offer only appreciative critiques. In addition, we have a high degree of willingness to learn. All this we realize for partnership with customers, collaboration partners and colleagues.


Passion & Spirit

The highest good are the goals of our customers: For this, we put our ego aside and make that one extra move that relieves everyone else. That is our IKOR spirit. challenging decisions without hesitation and communicate them immediately. This is the only way we learn and avoid carrying old ballast to new shores.


Creativity & Clarity

We are bursting with ingenuity. Our professionalism allows us to stay on course and navigate through difficult waters. We communicate our ideas and concepts without embellishment or circumlocution. That's how we get there faster.


Authenticity & Trust

We support our customers in implementing and adapting their technical processes. We manage and find solutions. We advise holistically. We think in a solution-oriented way, do honest work, trust each other - and develop and earn the trust of our customers.

More about IKOR's culture and values can be found on the career portal.


KUNUNU Top Company

Only 4.7 percent of the companies rated on kununu qualified for the Top Company seal. This seal is based primarily on the assessment of current and former IKORians. We are pleased about the positive evaluations; they testify to the corporate culture we live by.

learn more

Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2020 and 2021

IKOR is "Focus Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses" in 2020 and 2021. For this purpose, the news magazine Focus, together with kununu, determines the 1,000 best employers from four million employee evaluations of 950,000 companies on the kununu.com portal. The assessment criteria include surveys on corporate culture, salary and working atmosphere. learn more

New Work 2020

The award, with which New Work (formerly Xing) honors IKOR 2020, recognizes companies that create organizational, technical, and cultural conditions for a trusting work environment and thus actually live "New Work". learn more

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