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Female Empowerment

Understanding diversity as an opportunity

Stronger together

Working together in diverse teams is a real success factor for IKOR. That's why we promote diversity: everyone is allowed to be who they really are. And show what they can do.

In an industry with an inherently lower proportion of women, we focus on promoting women. Our declared aim is to increase the proportion of women at every level of the hierarchy. We are aware that our management culture has to work hard every day to achieve this. And that we must constantly improve the framework for our commitment and create the necessary awareness and transparency.

We support the IKOR Female Empowerment initiative with various initiatives and processes to ensure that women at IKOR are equally heard and supported:

Staff confidence meeting

Our "IKOR Circle of Trust" consists of elected employee representatives and supports employees in the sense of a works council outside the team structures.

Project Awareness

Our anti-discrimination office is a neutral, trustworthy supporter and initiates steps such as counseling, conflict resolution, training, coaching or interventions as required.

Code of Conduct

Core values require the support of all employees. This applies to the entire X1F Group, to which IKOR belongs. All colleagues adhere to them, regardless of hierarchical level or company unit.

Employee interviews

As part of our individual four-monthly meetings, we discuss successes, plans, challenges, support for further development - and personal matters on request. Above all, we have an open ear for our colleagues.

"At IKOR, you get the chance to learn a lot and develop yourself further. I would always take this opportunity to take on a management role again."

More than the sum of individuals

IKOR focuses on collaboration with its people through various initiatives. This promotes our teamwork and sustainably improves communication. Not only does our performance increase, but our sense of togetherness also intensifies. We want to actively contribute to creating a lively environment. This allows employees to support each other and learn from each other.

Our goals and measures

We are on our way.

We live equality and equal opportunities everywhere at IKOR.

We have role models within IKOR and make them visible.

We have equal representation in all relevant committees.

We promote and develop women and empower them for management positions.

IKOR is a lighthouse for female empowerment.

IKOR's promotion of women is visible to us and our external stakeholders.

Examples for our activities

Female empowerment at IKOR includes a wide range of activities to strengthen women. Regular get-togethers enable the exchange of experiences and the development of networks, which strengthens self-confidence. Interviews help to capture the mood and needs in the teams. This enables us to develop targeted measures. Work meetings are used to plan specific projects and initiatives that promote professional and personal development. These activities are crucial for the social equality of women.

Contact persons

Celina Rüting

Practice Lead | Senior Consultant

Lena Michel

Practice Lead | Manager Engineering

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