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IRMA Implementation at DZ Bank

Optimize the Processing of Provisions and Accruals within the SAP Environment

Provision Management as Subledger to the SAP FI Sub-Ledger

Initial Situation

As a long-standing VERA customer, the tax department of the DZ BANK recommended its colleagues in the accounting department to work together with IKOR, as the accountants aimed to optimize the processing of provisions in their SAP environment. They wanted to cut down on manual processes, which were incredibly time-consuming for interest calculations, and to work more closely and efficiently with the specialist departments responsible, which would, in turn, receive insight into the results.

IKOR developed an idea for a solution:

A SAP add-on which manages all provisions as a sub-ledger to the SAP-FI general ledger. Instead of modifying the general ledger, this enables a straightforward design and, most importantly, the storage of vast amounts of information and thus comprehensive management of provisions. The idea for IRMA was born and prevailed over the competitor's approach.

Project Course

IKOR and DZ BANK entered into a development partnership in 2011: IRMA was to become a practice-oriented application. For this purpose, employees of the specialist department and IKOR worked together for one year.

After IKOR had created a functional concept and detailed it based on interviews with the affected areas, the software development started using an agile approach. First, the most important basic features were developed and immediately tested by the functional departments. The test results guided the next steps of development. The team refined iteratively until the tool was ready.

After an intensive process of testing, the final approval was given. For specific departments, such as Tax and HR, it was decided that they should manage their provisions on their own. The project was completed with the training of all involved departments.


In the end, it was not only the SAP add-on IRMA for a streamlined and standardized management of the company's provisions that stood out. The accounting department had also decentralized the data entry process and moved it forward to the functional departments. With 200 transactions per year and monthly discounting and accumulation, this leads to a noticeable reduction in workload and enormous time savings.

An example: In 2015, the processing and reporting of provisions for the annual financial statements were already completed by calendar week 3.

Contact Person

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