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Are you currently looking for the right apprenticeship or dual study program for you?

We are already thinking one step ahead. Because for us, your training is just the beginning. That's why we at IKOR do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible support. And to offer you optimal conditions for your career start.

We want everyone in the team to be able to develop according to their abilities and interests. That includes our junior staff. Instead of the same exercises over and over again, we therefore prefer to focus on direct practical customer project experience. Coupled with intensive support from a talented training team with years of experience. Our colleagues know the teachers, the material, what needs to be done and how to provide you with excellent support.

For your start with us, we offer you a place in an apprenticeship program or dual study program. Simply choose the path that best suits you and your ideas:

Apprenticeship or Study?

* At IKOR, you can be who you are. No one has to pretend. We live and promote diversity and equal opportunities, reject discrimination and think independently of categories such as gender, age, ethnic origin, disability, sexual identity, religion or ideology.

What makes IKOR interesting for you

  • Extensive training with a sought-after company in the industry
  • Practical learning with intensive technical and methodological support
  • Active customer project assignments from the end of the 2nd year of apprenticeship, partly with well-known Dax companies
  • Learning programming languages such as ABAP and Java
  • Internal project responsibility
  • Familiar environment with experienced colleagues
  • Joint cooperation with other trainees/students and mutual support
  • Best prospects for a takeover

What you can count on

We cannot influence what you need to learn for your successful graduation.

But we can influence how you learn and in what atmosphere.

Professionally, you can learn from the best at IKOR. You will work closely with experienced colleagues on real projects. Qualified experts support your training providing you with the most important information on a topic over a short period of time, such as testing or ABAP programming.

Admittedly: The demands on our apprentices are high. After all, you will be integrated into challenging tasks right from the start. In return, there is no hierarchical nonsense at IKOR. We work openly, in a relaxed manner, with a large pinch of creativity and fun. It goes without saying that our apprentices also call managers by their first name.

Very important: Passing the final exam is only the beginning. Your training with us is designed to prepare you for working life and career progression. Almost all former apprentices have taken the next step with us, working today at IKOR, in some cases as crew leads. Because they know: There are many opportunities here for continuous training and development.

Field report

"What excites me the most is the good atmosphere in the offices and the friendly interaction with each other. This is also the reason why I joined IKOR and not any other company to become an application developer. Why application development? I like solving problems - and doing it as logically as possible, so programming and application development."


IT Specialist Application Development

With us, you will learn everything you need to know to be able to analyze, plan and implement software projects according to customer requirements. As a finished IT specialist in application development, you will become the customer's contact person and carry out adaptations, extensions and training. In doing so, you will always keep an eye on profitability.

Apprenticeship content includes:

  • Planning an application development using common diagrams
  • Create first programs considering code conventions, modularity, refactoring, maintenance, portability, etc.
  • Software test components and modules
  • Software program documentation
  • Consultant appearance and communication in the customer environment
  • Current development trends
  • Programming languages SAP/ABAP and Java
  • Commercial topics

The training lasts 3 years and takes place alternately in the Essen office, at the customer's project site in Germany and at the vocational school in Essen (block teaching). We offer you the chance to take on independent specialist tasks right from the start. In addition, we offer you ongoing development through courses of study and certifications. You determine your path! Throughout your journey, you will be supported by our team of trainers and ISteps, our career training center for juniors.

Dual Study

Environment Computer Science

We regularly offer dual study opportunities in cooperation with the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration and the IU International University in Essen. A dual study program combines practical business studies with simultaneous systematic training in the company. Relevant specialist knowledge in the areas of business administration or business informatics is acquired through the students’ rotations in the various departments of the company. By choosing a corresponding focus in the third year of study, students are optimally prepared for the requirements of companies in their respective industries and functions.

Secure your best chances now:

Your advantages as a trainee/student at IKOR

  • Individual working hours*
  • Remote work*
  • Company pension plan
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Equipment

*Depending on the task and agreement

  • Job bike
  • Employee events
  • Special leave
  • Subsidy for language courses/travel

All benefits of IKOR

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