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We are the first point of contact when it comes to system integration.

Design future business models and processes with us. IKOR develops / designs platforms and makes existing platforms connectable. We combine expertise with operational excellence. As an IKORian, use your knowledge to drive these changes forward as part of the team.

And there's something else we uniquely combine at IKOR: An open culture and plenty of opportunities. With us, everyone enjoys their individual freedom. Here, no one is restricted in their personality. The relaxed, collegial atmosphere even encourages you to contribute your own character as an asset. No matter what skills, characteristics and experience you bring to us: We do everything we can to ensure that you retain your individuality and can act as a professional.

What makes IKOR interesting for you

  • Successfully active on the market for over 25 years
  • System-agnostic work or specialization e.g., on SAP applications, Guidewire products up to individual applications
  • Specialized in future-oriented sectors such as insurance, development and commercial banking as well as selected industries, e.g., energy sector, automotive suppliers, telecommunications
  • Focus on long-term and diverse projects - with established as well as forward-looking technologies
  • Human, humorous and collegial environment with individual freedom
  • With almost 300 employees, IKOR is large enough for professional structures, but also flexible enough for individual solutions
  • Cross-site collaboration across national borders
  • Wide range of opportunities for personal training and further development
  • Attractive additional benefits

What you can count on

One of our recipes for success is to offer our customers special cross-disciplinary competencies that make us unique in the market.

That's why at IKOR you also enjoy the necessary freedom to find and realize your own ideas and develop them to maturity. We operate in industries that are characterized by comprehensive, sometimes disruptive technological upheavals (e.g., insurance companies, manufacturing companies) and offer you, as an experienced specialist, the opportunity to help bring innovations forward.

At IKOR, you also benefit from long-term customer relationships, our excellent reputation on the market and our high degree of self-direction. This is also felt by our colleagues - be it in a joint project - hybrid or on site. We like to meet digitally for a coffee or an after-work drink, or simply chat on the roof terrace when we are in the office.

Many colleagues have been working at IKOR for ten years or more. That is certainly unusual for the software industry. But it speaks for our distinctive feedback, value and error culture, which is lived. As well as for the numerous long-term perspectives that we offer. Many people have already left IKOR, only to return to us after a few years.

How we work

We operate in established industries, introduce forward-looking technologies and rely on our methodical knowledge.

All colleagues are experienced, trained and also often certified in Agile methods. Even our Corporate Communications team works according to Kanban. If customers request it (and we think it makes sense), we also proceed according to the waterfall model.

With us you act in long-term projects. Of course, there are regular project changes so that you can advance professionally. Collaboration tools Jira, Teams, Mattermost and Confluence support project and internal communication. Our colleagues always see themselves as consultants who bring their expertise to the project. We do not operate a pure body leasing!

At IKOR, everyone benefits from a combination of conceptual tasks and their implementation - from trainees to managers, everyone is involved in projects. By the way: At IKOR, consultants and developers are not required to be present in the office. We always give priority to remote work. Wherever it makes sense, we still like to meet in person.

No matter which area you join us in, you will immediately be warmly welcomed as a professional and a person. Our structured onboarding program includes Welcome Days, a sponsor system and regular synchronization checks. This makes it easy for you to find your way around immediately, learn our processes, procedures, management and to acquire important knowledge through internal and external training.

As a team, we present ourselves professionally and ambitiously to the outside world. But we always remain authentic and personal. Among ourselves, we act all the more relaxed, laid-back and familiar. And we are always open to your suggestions and ideas. Good solutions are always welcome.

Your career and development opportunities

Your advantages as an experienced professional at IKOR

  • Individual working hours*
  • Remote work*
  • Revenue share
  • Company pension plan
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Equipment
  • Company car*
  • Employee Events
  • Special leave
  • Sabbatical
  • Workation
  • IFIT Health Management
  • Childcare subsidy
  • Subsidy for language courses/travel

* Depending on the task and agreement

All benefits of IKOR

Job offers for professionals

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