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Imagine starting your career with a company that adapts to you.

Sounds almost too good to be true. But that's exactly how it is at IKOR, because we are different. With us, there is no urge for uniformity, as is the case in many large consultancies. Even if we appear serious to the customer, you will not be restricted in your personality.

Moreover, at IKOR we don't use our elbows to get ahead. But rather our head. The open, relaxed manner with us encourages you to bring your own character into work as a strength. With us, you can simply remain as you are. And show what you can do.

What makes IKOR interesting for you

  • Career entry with a leading technology specialist
  • Agile and system-agnostic work
  • Well-known customers with challenging project tasks
  • Personal mentoring
  • Opportunity to quickly take on responsibility
  • Freedom to pursue your own topics
  • Wide range of attractive benefits
  • Long-term prospects through well-defined career stages
  • Individual promotion and a wide range of training mediums
  • Structured orientation through onboarding program

What you can count on with us

We will be by your side from day one in your job. Training takes place in a targeted manner on projects while accompanied by your personal mentor. As part of our onboarding program, you will get to know our internal processes and procedures as well as other new colleagues and management. In addition, we will provide you with the technical and methodological knowledge you need for your day-to-day work through internal and external training. Step by step, you will become more deeply involved in your area of responsibility and projects.

Once you have joined a project, you will take on corresponding responsibility and, over time, acquire specialized knowledge such as Guidewire technology, SAP modules and technical or methodological experience. You will benefit from working with knowledgeable colleagues. Among them are quite a few who enjoy real expert status in the industry.

The structure of our work adapts to the customer's needs. Depending on the requirements, we use Agile methods or classic process models. But one thing is always the same: the positive atmosphere in the team. We all enjoy our job and, despite our ambition, we value a relaxed atmosphere and an open exchange of ideas. The "you" is a matter of course with us - from newcomers to top management. Just like the fact that everyone can contribute their own ideas.

We attach great importance to individual freedom. For us, they are an important cornerstone of personal development. You will be supported by our ISteps qualification program for juniors and our ICamp continuing education program. You can also change docks as your journey with us progresses and shape your path as you see fit. The best prerequisites for a long technical or management career at IKOR.

iSteps - our training for new employees


The work in the ISteps learning groups is structured as follows:

  • Introduction day presentation by the ISteps manager and HR department.
  • The participants organize their meetings, coordination dates and task processing themselves.
  • A mentor is regularly available to clarify technical issues, the "guardrails," etc.
  • The participants present their results in a short presentation to management.

How to get ahead with us

IKOR has been growing continuously for years. The environment of our technology consulting is also constantly changing. And this is happening faster than ever due to advancing digitalization. So that you can also grow with us, we support you in placing and implementing your own topics. Additionally, lifelong learning is a top priority at IKOR: Every year, we work with you to determine which individual training measures are right for you.

Your career and development opportunities

Your advantages as a new professional at IKOR

  • Individual working hours*
  • Remote work*
  • Revenue share
  • Company pension plan
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Equipment
  • Company car*

*Depending on the task and agreement

  • Job bike
  • Employee events
  • Special leave
  • Sabbatical
  • Workation
  • IFIT Health Management
  • Childcare subsidy
  • Subsidy for language courses/travel

All benefits of IKOR

Our benefits may vary among our foreign subsidiaries.

Vacancies for graduates

Duc Ho ist Recruiter bei IKOR


Duc Ho
Recruiting Specialist

+49 0201 18506700

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