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At IKOR, a job that gives you all the freedom you desire awaits you.

Because with us, you will find multifaceted tasks with ever new challenges. We also ensure that the benefits on offer and work-life balance are just right.

We do more for you than just transferring your salary once a month. We listen when things are difficult. With us, there is no monotonous work routine. We offer a varied, motivating and productive work environment with room for professional growth.

How we contribute to a healthy work-life balance

  • 3 employee appraisals per year including target agreement process
  • As many face-to-face appointments as necessary, as many remote activities as possible*
  • Project assignments close to home*
  • Lifetime employee account
  • Alternative work schedules, such as part-time employment or sabbaticals
  • Consideration of personal situations (healthcare, childcare, appointments)
  • Video conferencing, online meetings, instant messaging

* Depending on the task and agreement

Our employee goodies for you

As an employee at IKOR, you benefit from long-term customer relationships, our state reputation on the market and a high degree of personal responsibility.

Our distinctive feedback, value and error culture is noticeable in our daily work life. We also attach great importance to the topic of professional development. Measures to this end are regularly, individually coordinated and implemented together. Work-life balance plays a key role for us. Among other things, the lifelong working time account helps us to organize employee schedules in a flexible and family-friendly way. This involves accumulating working time credits in an employee account. This can be used, for example, to have more time for the birth of a child or to care for family members.

In addition, there are many other advantages and employer benefits that you can enjoy at IKOR:

  • Childcare subsidy
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Grants for computer glasses
  • Birthday gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Special payment for births
  • Special payment for weddings
  • Finder’s fee for new employee referrals
  • Company pension plan
  • Subsidy for language courses/travel
  • Variable compensation model

* Depending on the task and agreement

  • Individual working hours*
  • Part-time positions and parental part-time work
  • Company doctor:
    • Eye examinations
    • Driver and driving ability examinations
  • Sabbatical
  • Special leave for Christmas and New Year's Eve
  • Special leave for births
  • Special leave for weddings
  • Special leave for bereavements
  • Lifetime work account

* Depending on the task and agreement

  • Apple iPhone*
  • Apple MacBook*
  • Company car*
  • Company bike
  • Remote work*
  • 1st class business travel*
  • Regular dock meetings
  • 2 Employee meetings / year
  • 3 Employee appraisals / year
  • Summer party
  • Christmas party
  • Patent system
  • Personnel Confidence Roundtable

* Depending on the task and agreement

Every two years, our employees elect three to four colleagues to the Personnel Confidence Panel (PVR). The election takes place according to a set process so that all docks and divisions are represented accordingly. The committee is the point of contact for employees on all issues. The PVR perceives the cooperation within IKOR from their point of view and helps in the development of the company. It also plays an active role in securing employment and promoting working conditions.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone can combine their job with their private life as well as possible.

That's why our managers always listen to the challenges, concerns and needs of our employees and try to find suitable solutions. We also do not ignore issues such as overwork and burnout. If risks are discovered, we discuss suitable measures together and offer our full support.

Many years ago, our Lead HR team completed a qualification for "company contact person for working caregivers" and is available as a competent resource for our employees. Especially when a care situation occurs suddenly, many questions often arise. We help to find supportive measures to improve the situation together.

In order to better reconcile work, family and personal interests, we also offer alternative work schedules.

Together, we consider the individual situation and look for an optimal arrangement. Possibilities include, for example, reducing hours for health or private reasons, tailoring schedules around childcare or enabling a phased retirement.

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