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"The Insurance Contract Act (VVG) is a German federal law that regulates the rights and obligations of insurers and policyholders as well as insurance intermediaries in insurance contracts. The original law dates back to 1908.

"It contains mandatory provisions which may only be deviated from in favor of the policyholder or other protected third parties and stipulates that the insurer is obliged to provide the benefit promised in the contract when the insured event occurs. The policyholder must (...) pay the agreed insurance premium. The law was fundamentally reformed in 2008; consumer protection in particular was strengthened, for example, by a general right of revocation as well as consultation and information obligations for insurance companies. The entire text of the Insurance Contract Act is available in various formats (HTML, PDF, XML and EPUB) from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection or the Federal Office of Justice at www.gesetze-im-internet.de.