IKOR is part of

  • • barzahlen.de/viacash: The product barzahlen.de/viacash is an exception in the range of (digital) alternative payment methods. It enables cash deposits and withdrawals via barcode at the store checkout. The non-account-based payment solution therefore also works if the account does not have sufficient funds or is blocked. For example, insurance policies can be paid for anonymously. Similarly, insurance companies or banks can have credits paid out in cash at the store checkout; the payment method thus replaces expensive and outdated clearing or paper checks that users previously cashed at their house bank.
  • • PayPal: The virtual account PayPal is the number one online payment service in Germany. The account is linked to either a current account or a credit / debit card. With an app installed on the smartphone, PayPal also works mobile; users can pay contactless via NFC communication at the store checkout. Directly from the smartphone, tablet, computer, etc., money can also be sent quickly to friends and family members. Disadvantage: The money can only be transferred from one PayPal account to another; a transfer to other accounts beyond PayPal is not possible.