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"Embedded insurance only leads to success if it is deeply integrated"

The embedded insurance partner concept is mutating into a "seamless" enabler for personal insurance sales. This is because the insurance sales force in Germany is becoming increasingly lean. The sales discipline with business model potential "Embedded" opens up new, attractive target groups for insurance companies. It opens up market potential and accelerates the speed of product development for partner concepts. Smart "embedded" contract designs shorten the time to market. The associated solutions are flexible and at the same time meet numerous regulatory requirements.

From Point-of-Sale to the Core System - How Deeply Integrated Embedded Insurance Leads to Success.

As part of their presentation, a tribute to deep integration from point-of-sale (PoS) to the core system, Hans-Jürgen von Henning, Partner at IKOR, and Matthias Kaiser, Head of Sales and Marketing DACH at Emil Group, outlined at BiPRO Day 2023 in Neuss:

  • Why technical decoupling in system integration creates necessary freedoms.
  • What requirements embedded insurance must meet in order to be veritable along the entire customer journey.
  • What role timing plays in unlocking embedded sectors (product and channel).
Hans-Jürgen von Henning, Partner bei IKOR, hält einen Vortrag auf dem BiPRO-Tag 2023 in Neuss über die Tiefenintegration vom Point-of-Sale (PoS) bis in das Kernsystem - Eine Hommage an innovative Technologie.
Hans-Jürgen von Henning, Partner at IKOR, outlines deep integration from the point-of-sale (PoS) to the core system at BiPRO Day 2023 in Neuss - A tribute to advanced technology.

Creating the framework for embedded insurance

Answers to these central challenges are provided by a flexible SaaS core system in the cloud with smart integration layers or a system integration platform. This enables the specialist department to orchestrate the entire insurance functionality - without adding IT resources.

Channel, speed and embedded product advantages

Using a concrete example, this means that insurance companies and insurance underwriters can set up new products faster than before, migrate existing portfolios, and manage them more cost-effectively and flexibly. In interaction with IKOR’s SIP framework development, which IKOR made open source in 2021, insurers actively design their standardized integration architecture - without vendor dependencies.

Von Henning and Kaiser emphasized:

  1. Software as a Service only makes sense when customer systems and core systems (in the Emil example and the IKOR SIP development) are technically decoupled: Neither customer systems or the counterpart of the core systems have to adapt.
  2. Embedded insurance is only technologically viable if the entire customer journey - from conclusion to claim - is fully digitized and automated.
  3. For insurers tapping into different embedded sectors, timing is critical.


The audience appreciated the presentation responding with applause and thoughtful questions. According to the speakers, the topic of embedded insurance is gaining more and more momentum.

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