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IKOR appoints Herrgesell, Schlünzen and Weber to the management board

Ackermann and Geilich to focus exclusively on management of the parent holding company

IKOR GmbH, European technology consultancy and platform integrator, appoints three new managing directors. The previous C-level management is now exclusively dedicated to the manage-ment of X1F - the holding company that bundles IKOR, among others, under its umbrella.   

Sebastian Herrgesell (39), Sven Schlünzen (45) and Thomas Weber (45) will take over the management of IKOR with immediate effect. Before their appointment to the company's top management, the managers were already members of the extended IKOR management team and previously headed various business units of the technology consultancy:

  • Schlünzen, who has been with the company for five years, will focus on strategy, people, company and business development as one of the new Managing Directors. Until 2021, he managed, among others, the business unit IKOR Finsure, which spe-cializes in system-agnostic integration. Previously, he managed areas and projects for the Zurich Insurance Group in various positions.
  • Weber, who has also been with the company for five years, is responsible for sales and partnerships in his new position. Before his appointment to the management board, he was responsible for the business unit focusing on SAP technologies
    - IKOR Assurance - and IKOR's Sales segment. Previous roles at Virtusa and SAP.
  • In his new position, Herrgesell, who has been with IKOR for 13 years, is responsible for delivery and support. Previously, the business lawyer headed IKOR‘s Project Excellence business unit for agile and hybrid project management and managed various complex integration projects and system implementations.

Herrgesell, Schlünzen and Weber succeed long-time IKOR bosses Lars Ackermann (47) and Sven Geilich (50), who will henceforth exclusively manage the X1F Group. X1F, a holding company with around 900 experts, bundles eight IT solution providers specializing in the finance and insurance industry under its umbrella, including IKOR.

 “IKOR is an excellently positioned organization with talented, competent people. As the new managing directors, we see our task as focusing on our customers and partners and understanding and solving their challenges in the best possible way. In addition, we will continuously develop the people and processes at IKOR, thus sustaining and improving upon our core values,” emphasizes IKOR Managing Director Schlünzen.

 “IKOR is excellently positioned for the future. I look forward to continuing to have many points of contact with the company, the management there and all its people - and at the same time watching all of X1F’s subsidiaries grow,” adds X1F Managing Director Ackermann.

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Sebastian Herrgesell (from left to right), Sven Schlünzen and Thomas Weber focus on “putting customers and partners at the center of things and making an outstanding organization even better with competent people”.


Press Release from 10. January 2023


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