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IKOR sets course for the future - with more consistent market focus

The internationally positioned technology consultancy IKOR is focusing even more on the insurance, banking, public sector and corporate sectors and is sharpening its profile in the context of regulated and changing markets. IKOR is also streamlining its own organizational structure as a result of its personnel growth.  

  • Lines of Business address customer needs more clearly in regulated markets.
  • IKOR continues its product house expansion while also placing an even greater emphasis on services.
  • IKOR bundles professional and technological expertise with Centers of Excellence (CoE).
  • Strong focus on performance & delivery for customers - with impact on culture.
  • Top and middle management: streamlined and in proven hands.

IKOR Managing Directors Sven Schlünzen (47), Thomas Weber (46) and Sebastian Herrgesell (40) have optimized the matrix organization that has made IKOR successful in recent years, aligning to market requirements and streamlining responsibilities within the organization.

While Andreas Gräpel and Julian Markopolsky are responsible for the core sectors Public Sector / Banking and Insurance / Corporate respectively, Miklós Hegybiro manages the IKOR product house. Paul Friedrich, Dusan Jaksic, Mateusz Eichler and Peter Morris are responsible for international business respectively in Austria, Serbia, Poland and the UK / Australia.

Marcell Kremer is in charge of the Center of Excellence Advisory. Engineering is in the hands of Alexander Michel. Katja Schmidt is responsible for Managed Services. Torsten Duderstadt is in charge of Program Management. And Martin Koch is responsible for the SAP division.

What IKOR will achieve

"With the realignment, we are achieving an even more consistent market orientation and sharpening our profile in the context of changing markets. I am delighted that we can place management in proven hands and provide even more effective leadership for our colleagues. This will result in more creativity and impact for our customers," summarizes IKOR Managing Director Schlünzen.

"My two fellow managing directors Sebastian Herrgesell, Thomas Weber and I would like to thank all IKORians who support us here: The ongoing success of our business through our customeroriented initiatives and our unique corporate culture are extremely important to us. We greatly appreciate the extraordinary commitment of our employees. Our customers are the center of everything we do with a constant focus on performance and delivery. With its strong specialist and technological expertise, IKOR shines like a bright diamond in this market. We will strengthen and focus on expanding this position."

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Sven Schlünzen (center) with Co-Managing Directors Sebastian Herrgesell (left) and Thomas Weber: “The further development of our successful business, customer-oriented initiatives and our culture are extremely important to us.”

News from 20 February 2024


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