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IKOR to receive CloudReady specialization in Guidewire partner program

IKOR, international technology consultancy and systems integrator, receives specialization Guidewire PartnerConnect CloudReady - EMEA.

IKOR, a Select partner in the Guidewire PartnerConnect program, has been working with California-based software provider Guidewire on property and casualty insurance implementations and integrations since 2016: kicking off seven years ago on the first implementation of the complete Guidewire InsuranceSuite in Germany.

"Because Guidewire specializations are regionally focused through the Guidewire Partner-Connect program, partners like IKOR provide evidence of skills, knowledge, and competencies around specific Guidewire products or solutions," says Molly Black, Senior Director, Partner Programs and Enablement, Alliances at Guidewire Software. "This gives insurers more visibility into which partners in a region have specialized capabilities. IKOR is definitely on that level in the EMEA region."

"Cloud solutions are key drivers of innovation in the insurance business. With deep Guide-wire expertise, IKOR helps insurance companies reduce risks when transitioning to the Guidewire Cloud with a step-by-step strategy based on IKOR's key technology SIP (System Integration Platform). We are proud of the constructive collaboration with Guidewire and are excited about the latest specialization we have achieved, Guidewire PartnerConnect Cloud-Ready - EMEA," says IKOR Managing Director Sven Schlünzen.

About IKOR

As an international technology consultancy, platform integrator and software provider, IKOR, headquartered in Hamburg, digitizes the business models of insurers, banks and the public sector - with a focus on automated end-to-end processes and future-proof system landscapes. IKOR has profound expertise in the areas of integration, cloud, analytics and AI technologies, among others. With more than 300 employees at nine locations in Germany, Austria, Serbia, Poland, the UK and Australia, IKOR experts have been connecting all participants in the digital economy and the interface economy for more than 26 years.

IKOR is SAP Gold Partner and Consulting Partner of Guidewire Software, member of DSAG and Versicherungsforen Leipzig. IKOR's customers include Barmenia, Basler, Generali, IB.SH, IFB, ISB, NBank, SignalIduna, VHV, WIBank and Zurich Group Germany. IKOR is part of the IT solution provider X1F, which focuses on the finance and insurance industry.

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Sven Schlünzen: "Helping insurance companies reduce risks when transitioning to the Guidewire Cloud with a step-by-step strategy"


News from 07 November 2023


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