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Process- and planning reliability for
provisions and accruals

Automation at full transparency

IRMA, the IKOR provision and accrual manager organizes and automates the administration, evaluation, and posting of provisions. With a sophisticated authorization concept and continuous plausibility checks, IRMA ensures absolute process security for the different accounting regulations according to HGB, IFRS, and tax law. 

Our IRMA Add-on is a unique solution on the market: It serves as a sub-ledger to the SAP FI module, regardless of whether you are operating within the classic ERP or in a S/4HANA environment. 

Accelerate your financial statements

With the workflow in IRMA, you manage the provisions; the postings, on the other hand, are made automatically. Individually defined provision types and categories link to the general ledger, thus eliminating direct, manual postings to the general ledger accounts.
Just as the evaluation and transaction requirements for long-term provisions are transferred automatically, purchase orders and other accruals can also be managed. Based on the data in the SAP MM module, IRMA reduces the monthly reconciliation processes to a minimum. 

Management, planning, and reporting

The IRMA component for planning and reporting automates your reporting obligations to supervisory authorities. Annual forecasts, as well as mid- and long-term plans, are created based on actual data. For this purpose, many different comparisons are provided – such as target/actual, planned/target, or different plan scenarios. Simulations and comparisons are, of course, carried out without affecting the general ledger. 

You can generate the statement of provisions for each accounting regulation at the push of a button. 

Lean implementation projects

As a typical IKOR Add-on, IRMA’s technical architecture is designed for maximum flexibility and customizing. Furthermore, functional extensions for company-specific requirements are possible at any time. To keep implementation projects lean and free of surprises, we offer a proof of concept execution: The risk remains manageable, and the effort is transferable in case of a subsequent implementation. 

Key benefits:

  • Inventory management of all provisions
  • Integration of further provision systems, such as warranty- or pension provisions
  • Workflow for decentralized processing of provisions (creation, authorization, monitoring, and reporting)
  • Valuation and reporting according to local accounting standards (e.g., HGB or US-GAAP), IFRS and tax law
  • Automated postings in SAP FI per ledger (or account solution)
  • Comprehensive reporting and planning: statement of provisions, reconciliation statement, simulations based on actual and planned figures
  • Complete SAP integration up to S/4HANA compatibility 


IRMA Implementation at KUKA

As an S4/HANA pioneer, KUKA has found the optimal solution for replacing manual Excel calculations with IRMA as an Add-on for provision mapping.

IRMA Implementation at innogy SE

While looking for a standard program for calculating interests for long-term provisions in different accounting types: with IRMA, a central standard was successfully found and introduced in a very heterogeneous SAP landscape!

IRMA Implementation at HELLA

Globally uniform processes in mapping provisions were an essential goal for HELLA. Finally, with IRMA, it became real!

IRMA Implementation at Süwag

From interest calculations for long-term provisions to mapping actuarial reports for pension provisions: with IRMA, Süwag implemented a seamlessly SAP-integrated solution.

IRMA Implementation at DZ BANK

The goal was to reduce manual activities within the provision interest calculation to an absolute minimum. IRMA, together with the specialist department, accomplished this mission!


Miklós Hegybíró führt die Geschicke von IKOR Products

Miklós Hegybiró

Managing Director
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0


Harald Westermann

Crew Lead IRMA
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0

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