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Scope of Functions

SARA can be used to create (corrected) advance VAT returns, annual VAT returns, the EC sales list and the permanent extension / special advance payment for individual companies and tax groups and optionally transmit them to the tax office via the ERIC interface

Yes, SARA can be used to generate the declaration data for other EU countries.

A simple or qualified check of VAT ID numbers can be carried out in SARA. This involves a comparison between the customer's master data and the data from the Federal Central Tax Office.

Tax Compliance

All verification steps are documented in SARA and the four-eye principle is maintained at all times. Specified checks can be automated with the help of plausibility checks and simplified with a variety of layouts.

All adjustments are documented in SARA in the worklist in an audit-proof manner and adjustments can be clearly tracked. It is also possible to store file attachments directly or via a document management system. This means that all documents are always to hand.

SARA automatically sends e-mail notifications as soon as the next process step is triggered. It is also possible to activate your own reminders for resubmission for individual issues.

Declaration Process

Yes, the import into SARA takes place at line item level for all relevant company codes. If data is required from several SAP systems, these can be connected via an RFC connection. If data is required from other ERP systems or via Excel deliveries, this can be imported via an upload.

In SARA, a large number of plausibility checks can be carried out at document, sum or declaration indicator level. Comparative values from previous periods or combinations of different document data (example: business partner country / tax code) can be checked for plausibility. This ensures that systematic errors are avoided and can be corrected quickly.

In SARA, documents can be flagged as conspicuous and a correction workflow can be started. Depending on the error, an accounting correction is triggered or a period shift to another declaration period is carried out.

Yes, the creator of a declarations always has the option of manually correcting amounts or adding entries that have not yet been posted but are relevant to the declaration. All adjustments are documented and can be fully traced afterwards.


Tax reallocations, for example due to an incorrect entry of the tax code, can be corrected via direct import in SARA. If a cancellation and a new entry are necessary, the correction is made directly in FI. Subsequently, in this case, the correction and cancellation document is stored in SARA so that the correction documents are automatically excluded by SARA in the following period and not reported again.

Yes, following the declaration, the reposting of the payment debit amount to the tax office vendor and the offsetting of receivables and payables between the tax entity and the tax group companies can be posted with one click.


The minimum requirement for the ERP system is SAP NetWeaver 7.31.

Yes, SARA is in productive use at customers with both SAP R/3 and S/4 HANA. In addition to the classic GUI, SARA can also be used via a fiorized web interface.

Contact persons

Miklós Hegybiró

Managing Director

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Frauke Boelsen

Product Manager SARA

IKOR Products GmbH
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