VAT declaration entirely digitalized

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Increased VAT-compliance throughout the entire declaration process

VAT declaration inside SAP

Digitizing the VAT return as an end-to-end process: From data collection, individual invoice verification, adjustment postings, and consolidation within the VAT group up to declaration to the tax authority. Our software SARA is the only SAP Add-on that performs the entire VAT declaration process within your SAP system.

Increased capacities

We developed workflows that accelerate data processing in order to support your tax experts with SARA. Whether at the VAT group or company code level, G/L account or cost type view or even down to explicit checks on document items: you audit and evaluate in the desired granularity, SARA structures, and documents all relevant information in one place. SARA simplifies the correction and reconciliation processes. You release the declaration and SARA transfers the data to the tax authorities via our ERiC interface. You concentrate on analysis and VAT assessment, SARA on the processes.

High-quality data

SARA prepares your data and makes it available to you in a structured manner for direct processing: consolidated per VAT group or specific company code and checked in advance for anomalies through automated plausibility checks.

Excellent VAT processing

With the worklist function, the clarification of issues worthy of examination is coordinated across departments, mapped transparently, and finally solved automatically. This enables you to initiate adjustment postings for amounts and tax codes, different period assignments, and all necessary reconciliations for documents with the Accounting department. Anomalies either lead to updated databases, which you receive again for review, or the integrated solving process results in automated correction postings. SARA also triggers the consolidated entries in the consolidation group and the posting of receivables/payables to the tax authorities. – The functional scope of SARA is nothing less than being a platform for all aspects of VAT processing.

Realize and declare VAT automatically

VAT declaration entirely digitalized

Ensured compliance

The continuously digitized reporting process via SARA impresses in terms of audit security and compliance. All analysis results for each individual document and their adjustments are recorded by the system – transparent, comprehensible, and audit-proof. Approval procedures and authorization concepts are essential components of the configuration.

Latest SAP technology

Profound integration into your SAP environment provides the technical foundation for extensive automation, data generation, and process simplification. SARA utilizes the latest SAP technologies and is therefore compatible for all systems ranging from R/3 to S/4.

Key benefits:

  • Preparation of monthly VAT Return (UStVA), annual VAT Return (UStJAE), corrected declarations, recapitulative statement (ZM) and VAT identification number (UStID) validation
  • Mapping of fiscal groups and individual companies
  • Automatic import and checks for plausibility on all available booking data
  • Workflow for tax preparation and auditing
  • Coordinated reconciliation of tax department and accounting
  • Dashboard and reports
  • SAP Fiori Reporting App
  • Fully integrated into the SAP system (R/3 and S/4)
  • Cross-period responsibility management for tax department and accounting
  • Direct transmission to the tax authorities via ERiC interface
  • Automatic posting of corrections and consolidation within the fiscal group


Miklós Hegybíró führt die Geschicke von IKOR Products

Miklós Hegybiró

Managing Director
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0


Nicolas Weisensee

Mission Lead SARA
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0

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