Automized Realization and Declaration of Turnover Taxes

More compliance throughout the entire testing and reporting process

Digitalization instead of manual processes

SARA is your choice to create, audit, approve and declare your VAT declaration. Our SAP add-on is directly integrated in your ERP system. Whether SAP R/3 or SAP S/4 HANA – it guides you through the process of the creation of the respective declaration form, mapping your tax codes to declaration fields, audit of the declaration data, correction of adjustments, and the declaration to the tax authorities. From single companies to complex organizations operating on different ERP systems.
The user is guided through the various types of declarations using automated workflows:
  • Monthly VAT return
  • Annual VAT return
  • Special advance payment/permanent time extension
  • Recapitulative statement
  • Creation of the underlying information for declarations in other EU countries
This includes import, verification, accounting adjustments all the way to reporting to the tax authorities. The (qualified) VAT ID check and the reconciliation with the business partner master data from the ERP system is also directly possible from the tool. Structural changes to the declaration are updated periodically as part of our support and maintenance.
Chart SAP add-on SARA for mapping all related processes around the creation of VAT declarations.
VAT declaration entirely digitalized

Key Benefits

Standard software in practice

Automated process steps

SARA significantly reduces manual efforts. The automated steps for creating reports include import, organization of relevant data for the declaration forms, automatic plausibility checks and determining samples. Furthermore, corrections postings may be created automatically.

Audit proof & Compliance

The compliance requirements throughout the entire reporting process are documented in SARA in an audit-proof manner. Adjustments can be evaluated at any time using the integrated reporting. All declared amounts and postings thus remain traceable even years after the change.

Efficient collaboration

The workflow in SARA simplifies and accelerates collaboration between the tax department and accounting. Event-based e-mail notifications simplify communication. Simultaneously, all steps in the process are documented with an audit trail.

Core functions

Automated preparation of data

SARA automatically imports all relevant financial data from the company codes of the SAP system. Furthermore, the SAP add-on offers the possibility of manual or semi-automated uploads of relevant reporting data from companies in other ERP systems. System based plausibility checks systematically examine the underlying data for potential errors in the posting.


In the worklist, all adjustments are documented on document item level. As part of the checking process, SARA records all adjustments, including error categories. Rule based, postings with a deviating VAT declaration period can be reassigned automatically. The workflow then provides support for the subsequent work steps.

Correction postings

If the adjustments in the worklist result in correction postings SARA can automatically post them. A workflow for reconciliation with the accounting department is available for this purpose. In addition, the clearing of the tax payable accounts can be automated via SARA once the declaration has been finalized.


After the document check has been completed, the determined VAT values can be transmitted to the tax authorities. To ensure optimal integration into the system landscape, several options are available for this process step: In addition to a dedicated SARA-ERiC interface, there is the option of using existing connections in SAP or also the XLS/CSV export for various third-party tools.

Flexible authorization concept

In order to make authorizations in the system as flexible as possible, SARA offers a concept of roles for the tax department, accounting and revision. The four-eye principle guarantees process security. In addition, authorizations for company codes and reporting types can be individually customized.

VAT compliance

VAT compliance requirements are directly integrated into the declaration process. The sample size for testing can be generated by SARA using statistical methods. The documentation of the scope of audits and compliance with guidelines thus takes place within the process of SARA while fulfilling the requirements of an existing Tax CMS.

Product Insights


Overview of all reporting data

After the successful import of all relevant data, SARA provides an overview of the postings. Document items are summarized per G/L account and tax code. In addition to the direct link to the posted documents in the ERP, SARA provides comparative values of the reported data from the previous month and year-to-date.  A first plausibility check is carried out on this aggregate level and the detailed review can start.


Declaration form per tax group and company code

Immediately after the import, an overview of the declaration form is available per tax group or individual company code. The origin of each reporting indicator can be traced down to the line-item level.


Upload of reporting data from other systems

Whether SAP, DATEV or by hardcopy from a third party tax consultant - not all companies are always managed on one SAP system. With SARA, data can be imported from other ERP systems on single document level or aggregated for each declaration. The data of an organization is thus consolidated in one system and can be administrated easily.


Manual adjustments

The tax department can add manual adjustments or enhancements regardless of the posting basis in SAP. This ensures that the amounts declared are always correct from the perspective of the tax department.

transmission_of_the_declaration_in _sap

Transmission of the declaration with one click in SAP

After the report has been released, the data can be transmitted to the tax authorities. There are several options for this interface. The SARA interface transfers the declaration directly from within the SAP system - via ERiC interface. Alternatively, an already existing interface in SAP or a third-party tools can be used.


Post declaration postings

If the adjustments in the declaration process have an influence on the tax payable accounts of the different company codes, SARA automatically clears the amounts after the report. The corresponding FI postings are performed immediately via direct input.


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Miklós Hegybíró führt die Geschicke von IKOR Products

Miklós Hegybiró

Managing Director
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0


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How can we help you?
Simply fill out the form, ask us your questions and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to receiving your e-mail.

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