Data Analytics

Human and artificial intelligence for successful analytics solutions and unimagined potentials

Precise and comprehensive analytics provide the necessary decision-making basis for entrepreneurial action, sustainable success in the digital age and secure competitive advantages. Informationsfabrik supports you with solutions that are technically and professionally tailored to your use case in the evaluation and preparation of corporate data. With the help of intelligent analysis tools and reporting solutions, your data creates added value for your customers and the entire company. In this way, you lay the foundations for transparent business processes and data-driven automation receiving well-founded alternative courses of action and reliable forecasts on the development of the market and your company.

Our services:

  • Customized data analytics solutions for insurers, banks and industry.
  • Linking business and technical excellence in the areas of customer and sales analytics.
  • The Informationsfabrik offers Enterprise Data Platforms, Self Service Reporting solutions, Realtime Dashboards and innovative Analytics products based on Machine Learning and AI

We supply:

  • Providing data across the enterprise to create new business value
  • Up-to-date and solid data for making decisions
  • Data-driven processes for enhanced automation and speed with simultaneous cost reduction
  • Intelligent forecasting systems for reliable trend statements and a whole range of entrepreneurial options for action
  • Overview and control of the data budget and regulatory compliance
  • Intelligent analytics technology focused on business analysis

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Thomas Löchte

Managing Director
Informationsfabrik GmbH
+49 251 919979-0

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