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Together the future will be great

With new digital services and IT solutions, IKOR is opening up new business models that give your corporate strategy momentum.

We reduce your risks

We provide effective, tested methods to make your systems fit for the future – with the spirit and speed of start-ups and FinTechs.

Become faster and more efficient

Respond to your market and customer requirements with speed and agility! IKOR delivers modern systems, efficient processes, and faster solutions.

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Your enabler

We shape the platform economy together with you – technically, organizationally, and professionally. IKOR integrates your systems end-to-end.

IKOR works system-agnostic and manufacturer-independent

Whether SAP or Guidewire, cloud or on-premise: we have expertise with all integration scenarios, patterns, platforms, tools and frameworks. IKOR will find the right solution for your company!


End-to-End systemintegration

Short development times, modular architectures and improved usability for customer and employee front-ends: this is what banks and insurance companies are focusing on. On the one hand, this minimizes cost and business risks. On the other hand, and above all, end-to-end integrated system landscapes enable new digital services and business models.

Typical questions

  • Can the existing legacy systems be developed incrementally?
  • Is it worth changing focus and investing in integrating an out-off-the-shelf system?

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Analyze and adapt

The digital revolution is also presenting insurers with technical challenges, changing customer behavior and increasing competitive pressure. To remain ready for the future, business processes such as payment transactions must be analyzed and fundamentally adapted.The goal should always be dedicated support of the customer lifecycle throughout the duration of the contract.

Typical questions

  • How must customer-specific dunning procedures be analyzed and (rule-based) set up?
  • What role do customer loyalty and dealing with the customer life cycle over the complete contract period?
  • How do insurance companies and brokers get the best out of collection disruptions?

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AI solutions and platforms

As many aspects of life become digitalized, customers’ expectations grow: top performance in customer service, custom-fit products, personalized advice and barrier-free 24/7 access to information and services. Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), using knowledge from existing data, enable businesses to deliver what their customers expect. 

Typical questions

  • How do insurers develop value-added applications and scale the AI solutions they need?
  • How do cloud infrastructures (such as data warehouses or data lakes) help executive boards make business-relevant decisions?
  • How does AI manage to increase customer loyalty and leverage cross-selling potential?

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IKOR is an exceptional team of accomplished professionals who set standards in international consulting and know how to implement high technology, sustainable value projects.

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