Delivering real-time customer engagement with Pega Customer Decision Hub services

Pega Customer Decision Hub services

Predict customer needs, personalize interactions, and deliver real-time insights across all channels – IKOR PX helps you with Pega's Customer Decision Hub services (CDH)

Pega’s Customer Decision Hub built on its low-code platform allows companies to predict customer needs and personalise every interaction in real-time across every channel.  The IKOR team has in-depth knowledge and experience in Pega Customer Decisioning. Our data and analytics expertise combined with Pega’s AI-powered platform allows clients to optimize every customer interaction in any channel:

Why Pega? Forrester Research named Pega the leading software provider for real-time interaction management in Q2 2022 for its ability to:

  • Predict customer needs
  • Personalize each interaction in real-time on any channel
  • Present the most relevant offer or message possible during an interaction 

How we support you in real-time interaction management

Advisory: Ensuring Clients Achieve Maximum Business Returns

We ensure you can put customers and their needs at the forefront of every interaction to optimise each customer relationship. This includes setting the overarching strategy for customer decisioning, getting cross-functional buy-in at the beginning of a program journey, while establishing the business case and tracking benefits.

‘Start Right’ Services: Kicking Off Programs with the Right Structure, Methods and Skills

Our teams ensure you have the building blocks are in place to drive maximum utilisation of both the tools that are provided and the personalised customer interaction that is possible with a powerful decisioning engine. We set the target operating model for customer decisioning during both ‘build’ and ‘run’ stages, while advising on continually improving operational capabilities. 

‘Scale Right’ Services: Ongoing Support to Optimize Customer Journeys

We ensure the success of your decision management at go-live and beyond. We also help you develop a deep understanding of customer engagement strategies and the power of the CDH platform so you can optimize customer journeys across all channels.




Josh Peck

Managing Director

Peter Morris IKOR PX

Peter Morris

Head of Sales