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IRMA Implementation at KUKA

Provisions and Accrual Processing in a S/4HANA Environment

SAP Add-On IRMA Instead of Excel Sheets

Initial Situation

KUKA is successively redesigning its SAP system landscape around the world based on S/4HANA, using a greenfield approach. In the same process, the company also wanted to standardize, optimize and automate provisions processing across the company. To pursue these targets, KUKA's Excel-based solution was replaced by IRMA.

Project Course

The project team, consisting of KUKA and IKOR employees, focused its attention mainly on the automation of postings in IRMA, which are provided by interfaces and Excel uploads from various systems (such as SAP HR or the calculation of the derivatives).


By automating the delivery of data for the IRMA provision history sheet, an SAP business warehouse for corporate reporting was connected. Also, a statement for changes in equity was created in line with the standard provisions chart.


As of October 2017, IRMA is running in productive operation for the holdings' company code. A rollout of the solution for the remaining company codes is in planning, as well as reporting by segment and the equity statement for IFRS accounting.

Contact Person

Miklós Hegybíró führt die Geschicke von IKOR Products

Miklós Hegybiró

Managing Director
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0


Harald Westermann

Project Manager & Crew Lead IRMA
IKOR Products GmbH
+49 40 8199442-0

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