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Nadine Mabaso (31) studied tourism management and has been part of the IKOR team since 2019. After working in consulting there for some time, she moved within the company to project staffing.

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Career paths in flexible: How Nadine lives her vocation at IKOR


Nadine Mabaso, Project Staffing Manager at IKOR, has made a remarkable career change: firstly, from tourism to the technology industry. Secondly, from England and Ireland to Germany. And thirdly, from external consultant to internal Project Staffing Manager. Nadine's path not only represents her personal growth, but also dynamic change in the world of work: at IKOR, she has opted for a flexible and individual career path.

There was a time when it was said: "Cobbler stick to your last." Translated: No changes in life, especially not in your job. For a long time in Germany, once you had completed your education, you were stuck in one job for the rest of your life. This also meant that a certain lifestyle was predetermined. Other paths meant navigating many obstacles. All this only changed with digital disruption. Something has changed in Germany. This major professional and social change is also reflected in Nadine's career path.

Polyglot work experience in the Irish and British Isles

Nadine's professional career path began far away from technology consulting for insurance companies, financial institutions, etc. After graduating from high school, she studied tourism management in Holland and moved to England with a bachelor's degree in her pocket. Because the jobs in the tourism sector in London were not financially viable for her, a coincidence brought her to Ireland's neighboring island in 2015: "Within three weeks, I switched from planning tourist travel groups to Apple in Ireland, that was in 2015," smiles Nadine.

From Apple to IKOR: Nadine's first career steps

Nadine not only got her start in the IT industry at Apple, but also found her first vocation. "I started there in the call center and was part of the team that set up chat support for the German region." Nadine's skills did not go unnoticed, nor did her clever and charming manner. A promotion and a life connection followed, because: There was a spark in the chat between Nadine and a team member who was born in Bavaria but grew up in South Africa. Today they are both happily married.

The job in Ireland was fun, but there was a longing for home: "I wanted to be closer to my family in northern Germany," says Nadine. after four years in Ireland, the young couple packed up their tents, settled in Hamburg and started looking for a job.

Career restart: A stroke of luck called IKOR

"My move to IKOR was a stroke of luck. I found my job at IKOR through LinkedIn," says a beaming Nadine. "IKOR was willing to give me a chance even though my experience was not directly aligned with their requirements. They saw potential in my attitude and my ability to be flexible." And this despite the fact that Nadine's hair was dyed completely dark purple. - For the interview, mind you.

Not every company goes along with this, especially not when you first meet them. This is because the industry IKOR works for tends to be conservative, even though banks and insurance companies have changed a lot in recent years in terms of dress style and customer approach, etc.

Nadine initially spent three and a half years at IKOR as a consultant - with many client appointments on site. Her previously brightly colored hair remained blonde from then on, and she adapted her otherwise casual outfit to the pre-pandemic consulting style. Although Nadine was successful in her work, she soon noticed a certain dissatisfaction with all the traveling.

"Consulting is a fantastic job. However, it didn't really satisfy me. While many colleagues missed traveling during the pandemic, I realized that my job at the time was not the right one in the long term," says Nadine. "My passion is not in field service, but in improving internal structures and supporting colleagues."

Courage is good for you: changing career paths

So, what if you're no longer happy with your job but think the company you work for is great? Leaving IKOR was not really an option for Nadine. Nadine took heart and spread the word within the company that she would like to move to an internal position, for example to plan department meetings, run workshops and support managers.

This was followed by discussions with superiors, who are always willing to listen. The fact that she was able to talk openly about her internal desire for change is a first-class experience for Nadine: "Elsewhere, especially here in Germany, it would be difficult to say to your boss: Can we talk?" At IKOR, you can talk, regardless of whether it's a personal or professional problem. Because the company is based on partnership, there is always someone there to provide support. "You notice that at every turn," says Nadine.

Career stage: Nadine's latest vocation

In the summer of 2023, Nadine switched from field sales to internal sales. "This included coordination and workshops with our Key Account Managers, tool and process support, sales-oriented training and general support where it was needed," explains Nadine. Nadine now takes on another role: as a former tourism manager, she takes care of tenders and project staffing for the "Public Sector & Banking" industry.

The power of transformation

Nadine's journey at IKOR is not just about her own professional transformation. The transformative power of the technology industry allows her an individual career path, actively encouraged by IKOR - a testament to the flexibility and openness of the modern workplace. Nadine's story is an inspiring example of how to find your true calling beyond the beaten path. It also reflects the importance of internal mobility and the support provided by IKOR. Nadine summarizes, "How valuable it is to work in an environment that promotes not only professional but also personal progress." For her, IKOR has proven itself as a company that recognizes the potential of its employees and gives them the opportunity to develop. And that close to the X1F Group IKOR is belonging to.

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